Tests of Differential Diesel fuels in engine testing room

Szerző: Ferenc FARKAS - Valéria NAGY – Attila BAI
Abstract: The portion of oil could be estimated 33 % of global primary energy consumption in 2012 (BP, 2012) and its average price – beside the products produced from it as well - significantly increased, unlike the demand for transport which has been reduced. This tendency is expected to remain unchanged in the long run, therefore, there is a great importance for the variety of diesel fuel distributors, in comparison of the ratio value for each of them, and replacing them with biodiesel can be used in the comparison. We executed 3 dynamometer measurements performed to determine three different dealers purchased diesel oil, some economical examinations of the diesel oil retail price, and the use of biodiesel all based on the expected economic studies in the literature studies of extra fuel consumption values.

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Hivatkozás: Applied Studies In Agribusiness And Commerce (ISSN: 1789-221X) (eISSN: 1789-7874), REPEC IF: 0,54. 8: (1) pp. 59-67. (2014)