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Analysis of Energy Consumption Change of Office Buildings

Szerző: Horváth Miklós
Abstract: In this article a new office complex was taken as a model for analysing the effect of three passive energy-saving possibilities – the effect of building orientation, thermal insulation and thermo-physical properties of the glazing – on the heating and cooling demand. Knowing the heating and cooling demand energy consumption and operating costs can be estimated. By optimizing the building orientation it is possible to cut down the incoming solar radiation so in the summer period the cooling demand can be reduced. The savings rate depends on the orientation of the building’s glazing and the building’s built environment. As for the analysis of thermal insulation thickness and thermo-physical properties of the glazing the optimal structure can be determined by calculating the investment and operating costs. Based on the Net Present Value model calculations were done in order to determine the economic optimum on distinct interest rates and yearly increase of electricity fee.

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Hivatkozás: In: G Stépán, T Szalay, Á Antal, I Gyurika, K Samu, B Vidovics (szerk.)

Gépészet 2012 [elektronikus dok.]: proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Mechanical Engineering. 634 p.
Konferencia helye, ideje: Budapest, Magyarország, 2012.05.24-2012.05.25. Budapest: Budapest University of Technology and Economics Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, 2012. pp. 197-203.