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Maximal and Optimal DHW Production with Solar Collectors for Single Family Houses

Szerző: Horváth Miklós, Csoknyai Tamás
Abstract: The energy performance of newly erected buildings has radically improved in the last decade in Europe. The process will continue in the following years. It is partly induced by the 2010/31/EC directive [1] on the energy performance of buildings. The directive prescribes that all new communal buildings erected after 2019 and all communal and residential buildings after 2021 have to be built as nearly zero energy buildings (NZEB). The directive also requires that the energy demand of NZEB buildings have to be covered to a very significant extent by on-site or nearby renewable energy sources. Thus, the better knowledge on low and nearly zero energy buildings and integration of renewable energies are key issues nowadays. These buildings have some special characteristics compared to traditional buildings, therefore they require a special, more detailed modeling approach.

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Hivatkozás: EXPRES 2015 Subotica, 7th International Symposium on Exploitation of Renewable Energy Sources and Efficiency. Konferencia helye, ideje: Szabadka, Szerbia, 2015.03.19-2015.03.21. Subotica: Inženjersko-tehničko udruženje vojvođanskih Mađara, 2015. pp. 59-64.